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Revenue Weighted Strategy ETFs |  February 23, 2017

ESG ETFs: Doing Good and Doing Well

Strategies that help investors have a positive impact on the world while pursuing strong returns.

Revenue Weighted Strategy ETFs |  December 09, 2016

What’s the "Smartest" Smart Beta?

Why revenue weighting may be the “smartest” of the smart beta strategies.

Revenue Weighted Strategy ETFs |  November 30, 2016

Investing in Global Stocks with Strong ESG Practices

Investors can bring their personal values to global investing.

Revenue Weighted Strategy ETFs |  November 30, 2016

An ETF Focused on ESG Investing with U.S. Stocks

An opportunity to invest in companies that are mindful of their societal impact.

Revenue Weighted Strategy ETFs |  November 02, 2016

Introduction to a Smart Beta Strategy: Revenue Weighting

Smart Beta strategies such as revenue weighting may deliver better outcomes than a traditional approach.

Revenue Weighted Strategy ETFs |  November 02, 2016

The Making of an ETF Family

Vince Lowry on how his days as a police detective gave him insights on managing money.

Revenue Weighted Strategy ETFs

The Smarter Way to Weight the Index

Why we believe revenue-weighted ETFs hold great promise for investors.

Revenue Weighted Strategy ETFs |  October 12, 2016

Attractive Dividend Yields at Reasonable Valuations

Amid the quest for yield, one strategy may offer it—at an attractive price.

Revenue Weighted Strategy ETFs |  October 10, 2016

The Answer to High S&P 500 Valuations? Revenue Weighting

Revenue-weighting strategies may offer lower risk for investors interested in broad market exposure.

Revenue Weighted Strategy ETFs

Small Cap Revenue ETF Based on Current Economic Reality

Our Small Cap Revenue ETF seeks to remove a bias toward overvalued stocks.

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