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International Equity
20 Years of Excellence in International Growth Investing

Brexit just one more challenge for George Evans, who has successfully navigated 20 years of market ups and downs.

Global Equity
A Historically Proven Approach to Generating Alpha

Oppenheimer Global Opportunities has a 20-year track record of strong returns.

Bw a historically proven approach to generating alpha 620x349
Emerging Markets Equity
Emerging Market Fundamentals Are Strengthening

A nascent recovery and strengthening EM stock fundamentals are creating attractive opportunities.

Bw emerging market fundamentals are strengthening 620x349
Emerging Markets Equity
Growing Opportunity in Emerging Markets Small and Mid-Caps

Targeting innovative companies in a rapidly growing space.

Global Equity
Oppenheimer Global Fund: A World of Opportunity

The Fund may help investors benefit from exposure to a global opportunity set.

Emerging Markets Equity
The Latest on Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund

Information on performance, markets, attribution and positioning.

Bw main page dev markets 620x349
Today's Transformational Leaders, Tomorrow's Household Names

Our small and mid-cap growth team invests in companies that are disrupting old models.

Bw todays transformational leaders tomorrows household names 620x349
Ronald Zibelli Jr.
| April 10, 2018
International Equity
Here’s What Sets the International Equity Fund Apart

PM James Ayer explains his unique approach to providing exposure to value and growth companies.

Bw heres what sets the international equity fund apart 620x349
James Ayer
George R. Evans
| March 26, 2018
Global Equity
How a Future-Facing Fund Beat 98% of Its Peers

Barron’s profiles PM Frank Jennings as a veteran stock picker with a strong track record.

Bw how a future facing fund beat 98 of its peers 620x349
Frank Jennings
| March 15, 2018
Emerging Markets Equity
Monetizing Innovation in Emerging Markets

We look to emerging markets to capitalize on tomorrow’s transformation.

Bw monetizing innovation in emerging markets 620x349
Heidi Heikenfeld
| March 05, 2018
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