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Hermes for the Holidays?

Rising wealth is increasing global demand for luxury goods.

Bw hermes for christmas 620x349
George R. Evans
Alice Fricke
| December 14, 2018
Global Equity
Pioneers in Global Equity Investing

In 1969, OppenheimerFunds introduced one of the first global equity portfolios.

December 07, 2018
Trends, Planes & Safety Circles: Investing in Air Travel

Airplane manufacturer Airbus can potentially benefit as air travel continues to increase.

Bw trends planes safety circles investing in air travel 620x349
George R. Evans
Alice Fricke
| November 27, 2018
Emerging Markets Equity
Ride Hailing in Emerging Markets Is More Than Transport

Geographic idiosyncrasies across Asia have fueled the ride-hailing industry and adjacent businesses.

Bw ride hailling in emerging markets is more than transport 620x349
Justin Leverenz
Bhavtosh Vajpayee
| November 19, 2018
International Equity
In a World of Opportunity, Why Limit Your Choice?

Underexposure to foreign stocks may translate into missed opportunities. Learn why.

Bw in a world of opportunity why limit your choice 620x349
Megatrends — Benefiting from Structural Tailwinds

We identify four structural tailwinds that provide exciting investment opportunities.

Bw megatrends benefiting from structural tailwinds 620x349
November 08, 2018
Global Equity
China Technology: The Nexus of Innovation

A burgeoning middle class and technological innovation is reshaping the Chinese economy.

Bw china technology the nexus of innovation 620x349
November 05, 2018
Domestic Equity
Mid Cap Stocks Offer Investors the Best of Both Worlds

Mid-cap stocks offer exposure to one of the most attractive parts of the equity market.

Global Equity
Perpetually Optimistic, Investing for the Long Term

Oppenheimer Global Fund embraces revolutionary changes driving the global economy.

Bw perpetually optimistic investing for the long term video  620x349
October 31, 2018
Domestic Equity
Index Concentration May Suggest a Market Style Rotation

The five largest companies make up significant portions of major stock indices.

Bw index concentration may suggest a market style rotation 620x349
Laton Spahr
Eric Hewitt
| October 26, 2018
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