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Master Limited Partnerships
September MLP Update & Underappreciated Growth

MLPs are exhibiting strong fundamentals, growth opportunities & less reliance on capital markets.

Bw march 2018 mlp update and incentive distribution rights 620x349
Brian Watson
| September 07, 2018
Master Limited Partnerships
Why MLP Price Return Doesn't Tell the Whole Story

MLPs’ total returns are even more pronounced when reinvested dividends are considered.

Bw after lost decade us energy set up for real returns 620x349
Alternatives—A Growth Path with Low Volatility?

Seeking refuge during periods of distress through broad diversification and low volatility.

Bw alternatives a growth path with low volatility 620x349
Master Limited Partnerships
Investing in the Fundamentals of the Energy Renaissance

The fundamentals of midstream MLPs remain strong and aren't tied to oil prices long term.

Bw investing in the fundamentals of the energy renaissance 620x349
Master Limited Partnerships
FERC Issues Final Rule on Pipeline Tax Policy

We think FERC's update to previous policy orders are positive for the asset class.

Bw ferc issues final rule on pipeline tax policy 620x349
Stuart Cartner
Shawn Amini
| July 19, 2018
Looking for Inflation Protection? Consider GLI Assets

Global-listed infrastructure assets are well positioned to offer investors some inflation protection.

Brad Frishberg
Jagpaul Singh
| June 15, 2018
Taking Cover Amid a Potential Trade War

Additional tariffs could destabilize markets and promote inflation and slower growth.

Bw taking cover amid a potential trade war 620x349
Michelle Borré
Timothy Mulvihill
| June 01, 2018
Let's Get Real About Real Estate

Rising rates should have advisors reassessing their real estate allocations.

Bw lets get real about real estate 620x349
The Portfolio Consulting Group
| May 07, 2018
Master Limited Partnerships
What's the Catalyst for MLPs?

We believe the energy sector is broadly healthy and poised for increased investment.

Bw whats the catalyst for mlps 620x349
April 30, 2018
Master Limited Partnerships
Midstream Fundamentals Continue to Improve

MLP sector fundamentals appear to be firming based on a combination of factors.

Bw midstream fundamentals continue to improve 620x349
April 27, 2018
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