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Read the latest financial news and insights from OppenheimerFunds to get our perspective on how investors should approach current and long-term market trends.

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CIO Insights

The CIO Insights blog provides a view into our latest thinking on the global markets.

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August 2016 MLP Update – OFI SteelPath

We provide an in-depth look at the Master Limited Partnership (MLP) sector, and key industry points.

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GrowthSpotting: Profitable Long-Term Trends

We're cutting through the market noise to explore profitable, long-term trends.

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2016 Election

Find out what the 2016 Presidential Elections means for your portfolios & the markets.

Latest Insights


Markets & Economy |  August 26, 2016

Stay Long, and Buy the Dips

Historical equity performance in expansions suggests more upside to come for U.S. stocks.

Fixed Income |  August 25, 2016

Using Stop-Outs to Help Stabilize Portfolios

Our portfolio managers use “stop-outs” that are designed to hold value in times of market stress.

Revenue Weighted Strategy ETFs |  August 25, 2016

Low Volatility Strategies Now Behave Like Momentum Plays

Investments in Low Volatility strategies may expose you to factors you don’t want.

Fixed Income |  August 25, 2016

Challenging the Myths About Corporate Bond Liquidity

Some perceptions about corporate bond liquidity are either wrong or unverifiable.

Equities |  August 24, 2016

Why Emerging Market Stocks Are Surging This Year

The global hunt for yield has been a principal driver of EM equity performance in 2016.

Alternatives |  August 24, 2016

When MLP Incentive Distribution Rights Fail

Incentive Distribution Rights can unfairly favor MLP general partners.

CIO Insights |  August 23, 2016

Janet Yellen's Tough Calling

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen faces a delicate balancing act.

GrowthSpotting |  August 15, 2016

Why We Don't Hedge Our Equity Portfolio

Our strength lies in long-term stock picking, not timing a moving target we can't see.

Multi-Asset |  August 15, 2016

GMAG Monthly: Three Assets We're Using to Generate Income

Cat bonds, high yield and loans seek to offer attractive returns with less volatility than equities.

Municipals |  August 12, 2016

The Rochester Team’s Q2 Update on the State of the States

The overall market rallied, attracting inflows and investors seeking tax-free income.

The Rochester Investment Team
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