In this 38th episode of the OppenheimerFunds World Financial Podcast, Directors of Fixed Income Research Turgut Kisinbay, Ph.D. and Meral Karasulu, Ph.D. share their outlook on Italy, the dollar, U.S. trade tensions with China and emerging markets.

Kisinbay says that for all the talk of Italy possibly leaving the EU, he considers that outcome unlikely. He does, however, maintain that immigration will remain a big topic in Europe. He also expects dollar weakness, with money flowing toward global assets in the next couple years. Karasulu argues that trade threats between the U.S. and China will be protracted but China is playing a long game and its long term development aspirations won’t be derailed. She also asserts that emerging markets will grow faster than the U.S. and have the potential to deliver higher returns. “If you don’t invest in emerging markets, you are missing the opportunity of the century."

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