Chief Investment Officer Krishna Memani describes our approach.

Markets may change, but we believe the Right Way to Invest remains constant. We believe success in investing can come by adhering to four simple, but important principles.

  • Make Global Connections
  • Look to the Long Term
  • Take Intelligent Risks
  • Invest with Proven Teams

At OppenheimerFunds, we have been putting these principles to work for nearly 60 years. Each day our seasoned portfolio managers demonstrate the benefits of applying a long-term, active approach to addressing the needs of our clients, who range from financial advisors and the individual investors they serve, to corporations and endowments. We offer our investment expertise across a range of asset classes and in a variety of vehicles to meet the specific needs of each client.

Make Global Connections

We understand how interconnected global markets are and have a proven history of finding rewarding opportunities from around the globe for investors.

• We were one of the first firms in the industry to offer global equity, global fixed income and global alternative strategies.
• We launched our first global fund in 1969.
• Today, we oversee one of the industry’s largest global and emerging market equity franchises.

Look to the Long Term

OppenheimerFunds understands creating value takes time. We believe the best and most consistent results for investors can be delivered by focusing on the long term.

In our view, uncovering the greatest long-term opportunities requires an active approach to investing and a willingness to search for opportunity where others may not even look.

  • As long-term investors, we don’t rapidly buy and sell stocks. Our equity portfolios’ turnover ratios have consistently ranked among the industry’s lowest.
  • Our long-term focus and willingness to break from the consensus has historically enabled us to see future opportunities for investors before they became widely recognized.
  • We were one of the first managers in the industry to offer portfolios of high yield municipal bonds, energy infrastructure investments and senior corporate loans.
  • We were also pioneers of global fixed-income investing with the launch of our Global Strategic Income portfolio in 1989.

Take Intelligent Risks

We recognize that investment rewards are rarely achieved without using risk in an intelligent way.

Our deep understanding of risk dynamics guides our efforts to manage portfolios in line with clients’ expectations.

  • Proprietary scenario analysis and risk modeling provide our portfolio managers with insights on how changes in market conditions and security fundamentals may impact portfolios.
  • Our risk analysts work closely with each investment team to ensure that risk is considered at every stage of the investment process.
  • The risk team remains independent of the investment team. Our Chief Risk Officer reports to the firm’s CEO to ensure that our risk analysis is objective and free of conflicts of interest.

Invest with Proven Teams

Our portfolio managers are some of the industry’s most tenured and successful, with decades of experience guiding portfolios through multiple market cycles.

• Our leading portfolio managers have a consistent track record of delivering long-term returns that exceed their benchmarks, net of fees.

• The lead managers of our portfolio teams, across all asset classes, average more than 22 years of industry experience.

• We have a deep bench of talent steeped in our approach to investing. As an example of this, 8 of our 10 global and emerging market equity portfolio managers previously served as analysts at the firm.