OppenheimerFunds has expanded its product offering into the fast-growing smart beta industry with Oppenheimer Revenue-Weighted Strategy ETFs, which offer investors a distinctly unique approach to the ETF market. Here is the full lineup of Oppenheimer Revenue-Weighted Strategy ETFs:

In general, index funds provide a variety of benefits such as diversification, transparency of investment process and low costs. But most index funds are market-cap weighted and that can leave investors overexposed to trendy and overpriced stocks.

The Oppenheimer Revenue-Weighted Strategy ETFs select known indices like the S&P 500 and strive to improve their performance returns. This is achieved by weighting each security in the index by top line revenue. These weightings are rebalanced every quarter to keep the index in line with the companies’ most recently reported revenue levels.

We believe weighting by revenue offers several additional benefits:

  1. Broad and diversifies exposure to the market
  2. Not influenced by stock price
  3. A truer indicator of a company’s value
  4. Stable sector exposure

Learn more about our lineup of Oppenheimer Revenue-Weighted ETFs.

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