NEWYORK, July 20, 2016 – OppenheimerFunds, a leading global asset manager, today announced the launch of its interactive, customizable CEO Advisor Institute app that addresses financial advisors’ personal and professional goals and challenges. OppenheimerFunds created the CEO Advisor Institute to help financial advisors run their businesses like world-class CEOs and engage their clients as trusted global advisors.

“We are committed to taking a consultative approach to serving our clients,” said John McDonough, Head of Distribution. “Recognizing the complexity that advisors face today, we designed the CEO Advisor Institute curriculum to help clients manage their sophisticated practices and deliver meaningful advice and extraordinary service. In response to a variety of economic and technological developments, we have consistently provided actionable guidance and practical solutions to our clients.”

The CEO Advisor Institute programs, including Compelling Conversations, Professional Practice, and Constructing and Managing a Synergistic Team, are now offered through the app. Advisors can also leverage OppenheimerFunds’ Compelling Wealth Management Conversations program, which provides the philosophical framework, historical context, and timely market insights to calm investors’ fears and keep them buckled in to their long-term plans. The app brings to life the dynamic and actionable business development tools and videos within the CEO Advisor Institute program, designed to help advisors:

  • Diagnose, enhance, and refine the structure of their practice.
  • Construct, manage, and lead a synergistic and unified team of professionals.
  • Create a unique and personalized service model that attracts and retains their best clientele.
  • Keep clients “buckled in” to their overarching investment strategy.

“We recognize that the single greatest challenge facing financial advisors is constructing, systematizing, and leading complex practices and teams. Our goal is to be far more than just an investment source; rather, we are striving to become an advisor’s invaluable business partner,” said Paul Blease, Director of the CEO Advisor Institute. “This comprehensive multimedia app is just one more step in that direction.”

The free iPad app is available for download through the iTunes store or by visiting