Our municipal bond team is proud that Barron’s named Oppenheimer Rochester® as its best Tax-Exempt Bond Fund Family for 2016. What is most thrilling to us is being able to provide our shareholders with the tax advantages they seek when they invest in our funds.

Barron’s ranking, in its 22nd year, includes firms that meet several prerequisites. To be considered, each firm must offer a wide range of funds with a minimum track record of one year. Further, the firm must offer at least three mutual funds or ETFs in Lipper’s General U.S. Equity category; at least one mutual fund or ETF in Lipper’s World Equity category; at least one in one of Lipper’s Mixed-Asset categories; at least two taxable bond funds and at least one tax-exempt bond fund. This ranking, which is a snapshot in time, looks at 1-year returns.

While 2016 brought noticeable change both politically and in the markets, our approach to municipal bond investing has remained unchanged. The Rochester Way – focusing on competitive levels of tax-free income and yield-driven total returns – keeps the needs of our shareholders in mind.

As we look ahead in 2017, we have a little extra wind on our sails thanks to the recognition from Barron’s. We manage 13 Oppenheimer Rochester municipal bond funds and believe we have something to support each investor’s unique set of financial goals.

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