We implemented new functionality that requires additional authentication by investors logging into our website. The new functionality will work to validate, or authenticate, the computer device you are using to log onto our investor website. When logging in, you will be prompted to select whether you’d like to receive a 4 digit PIN code by email, voice or text. Once you receive the code, it will need to be entered when prompted during the login process. As a result, we will know the device trying to access our site is authorized by the investor and will be remembered for subsequent logins.

  • Please note that when completing the process:

o You will need to leave your browser on the oppenheimerfunds.com website in order for your PIN to work. Please do not use the same browser tab to navigate to your email account. Doing so will end the session and force you to re-generate the PIN.

o Make sure the “Remember this device” box is checked if you do not want to repeat the authentication process in the future. If “Remember this device” is not checked, you will need to repeat the authentication process with your next login.

We strive to continuously improve the functionality of our website, including security. The integrity of our data, including your personal information, is very important to us. We are confident that this new functionality helps protect your personal information.