Many portfolios of U.S. investors are tilted toward domestic stocks, but we believe this home bias makes for a missed opportunity. The U.S. share of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) is relatively small. Meanwhile, other economies are growing.

The Oppenheimer International Equity Fund aims to tap this opportunity through two objectives:

1. Providing Core International Equity Exposure: The Fund seeks to invest in the best of both value and growth and thus offer a balanced exposure to thematic growth companies, value stocks, and undervalued restructuring opportunities. Investments are identified through a fundamental, bottom-up process.

2. Mitigating Macroeconomic Risk: The fund’s strategy employs a macro overlay to help position the portfolio to participate in market upswings and limit market pullbacks. Our experienced portfolio-management team will tactically tilt toward more cyclical value companies or higher quality growth companies according to the economic and business cycle. Increased levels of cash and currency hedging may also be used to help cushion the portfolio against market volatility.

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