Emerging markets’ (EM) share of global GDP is expected to more than double in the next 20 years from 28% to 60%,1 and the universe is rapidly evolving, especially in the small- and mid-cap segment of the market. Democratization of information and the rise in affluence within emerging markets have resulted in a greater demand for unique and differentiated products. Education and skill levels have also risen, including innovative emerging markets entrepreneurs who now have the ability to compete not only locally, but on the global stage as well.

Oppenheimer Emerging Markets Innovators Fund invests in emerging market growth by typically investing in small- and mid-market capitalization emerging market companies with sustainable advantages and innovative or disruptive business models. The investment team uses a bottom-up fundamental approach and seeks to invest over a three- to five-year time horizon. The investment approach is benchmark indifferent, with both the sector and geographic allocation being the by-product of the companies in which we invest.

1Sources: OECD, July 2018. Latest data available.

2Source: Bloomberg, 12/31/18.

3Emerging Markets small- and mid-cap stocks represented by companies with between $1B and $10B market capitalization.

4Source: Morningstar Direct. Data as of 12/31/18. Performance represented above for EM small-, mid- and large-cap stocks are the 10-year cumulative returns for the MSCI EM Small Cap Index, MSCI EM Mid Cap Index and the MSCI EM Large Cap Index, respectively. The indices are unmanaged and cannot be purchased directly by investors. Index performance is shown for illustrative purposes only and does not predict or depict the performance of any fund. Past Performance does not guarantee future results.