If you still have a large cash position, it is likely for a reason. Whatever that reason is, if you have been thinking about diversifying that cash position, it might be a good time to put that plan in motion. The question is: Can you increase your total return potential without completely letting go of the safety net of cash? Well, with the income generated from allocating a portion of your cash into short-term and limited-term municipal bonds, you can.

Short-term and limited-term municipal bonds do not necessarily demonstrate the characteristics, including risk profiles, of cash and cash alternatives. However neither short- and limited-term municipal bonds nor cash and cash alternatives typically exhibit the price volatility and duration risk of longer-term bonds. The benefits of using one of the following strategies are diversification of your cash position, and the potential for greater returns (net of taxes) – without having to invest all of your cash.

At Oppenheimer Rochester, we don’t just know the high yield muni market – we know the entire muni market. Our suite of maturity managed funds may offer you

  • A compelling tax-free income stream
  • Diversification benefits
  • Historically higher yield than individual municipal bonds
  • In some cases, historically comparable yields with longer maturity portfolios
  • Experienced, professional managers performing active risk management
  • A range of shorter maturity, higher grade options along the municipal bond curve

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