Modern-day problems like mobile security breaches or greenhouse gases emitted by airplanes usually aren’t causes for optimism. But in the eyes of forward thinkers, controversial issues like these are an opportunity to gain, not signs of doom and gloom.

We partnered with the New York Times to create the “Glass Half Full” series, where we explore opportunities that lie beneath the surface of some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Read about how mobile technology is serving as a beacon of hope in emerging countries, particularly in places that have endured natural disasters. Learn about how companies are creating the next generation of aircraft, complete with electric and hybrid electric/gas engines.

And discover how the power of shared ideas and modern technology will make the dream of affordable prosthetic limbs a reality for countless children and adults.

Through our International Growth Fund, we’re investing in up-and-coming companies that are working to solve some of the world’s thorniest issues. We seek high-quality companies that are able to monetize durable, secular growth trends. When we do make an investment, we’re in it for the long haul with an average holding period in excess of five years.

Three of the biggest themes we’re focused on include telecommunications, aeronautics and health care, and our investments in each of these areas are making a difference.

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