The average U.S. investor’s portfolio is overwhelmingly concentrated in U.S. equities and bonds despite the fact that over three quarters of the world’s economic output comes from the rest of the world. As one of the world’s leading global asset managers, we are committed to educating investors about the vast investment opportunities that exist beyond U.S. borders. In support of this, we are launching a major campaign across multiple media channels to encourage investors to CHALLENGE BORDERS.

The ads, digital experience and collateral creatively reveal how investment opportunity can transcend language and culture. By drawing investors in with engaging stories about the wealth of opportunities emerging across the globe, the campaign makes a compelling case for the benefits of investing without geographic boundaries.

Following are samples of the materials that examine the potential benefits of taking a global approach to investing.

Campaign Videos

Rich, Interactive Digital Experience

This experience brings visitors on a journey around the globe through investment themes and stories.

Globalize Your Portfolios Brochure

Print Ad

Digital Banner Ad

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