Oppenheimer Capital Income Fund seeks investor participation in rising equity markets while providing downside mitigation in times of volatility and draw¬downs in the broad equity markets. The Fund seeks to achieve these results by investing across three strategies: the Equity, High Grade Fixed Income, and Opportunistic Strategies.

The Opportunistic Strategy plays a critical role in seeking to deliver these outcomes. It seeks to invest in securities with asymmetric return profiles, diversifying characteristics, and those that fulfill the Fund’s investment objectives of providing investors with attractive risk/reward opportunities.

The Fund goes beyond traditional methods of diversification with a multi-asset approach that seeks to invest in securities with superior risk-adjusted return profiles. Its Opportunistic Strategy focuses on improving the Fund’s risk/reward ratio. Its ability to invest across asset classes increases diversification and enhances volatility management. Its ability to invest throughout the capital structure allows it to optimize risk/reward potential. Its fundamental approach and long-term view is designed to uncover opportunities that may help investors achieve their long-term investment goals.

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