Art Steinmetz stands among the ranks of Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Arianna Huffington as a LinkedIn Influencer. The business-focused social media site launched its Influencer program in 2012. It now provides a forum for 500 business leaders to share their thoughts on topics such as leadership, effective management styles, and the best paths to professional success.

Art, who serves as OppenheimerFunds’ Chairman, CEO, and President, began writing his columns in October 2014. As can be seen from the full listing of his blogs below, he has shared his insights on everything from how to handle yourself in a new job to what he learned from the “best mistake” he ever made.

To read all of his recent and upcoming monthly blogs, all you need to do is follow Art Steinmetz on the site. Content on LinkedIn is for members only. So if you’re not already using the site, you will need to become a LinkedIn member to view Art’s regular columns.

To date, Art’s Influencer columns have included:
Pride Month a Good Time to Celebrate Workplace DiversityJune 23, 2017
“Pi Day’s a Good Time to Think About Increasing Math Literacy”March 13, 2017
“Creating a Path Forward for Women in Asset Management”March 9, 2017
“Why I’m Optimistic about 2017 – and Beyond”January 20, 2017
“Successful Investing Is All About Patience and Discipline — Not Hot Tips”November 17, 2016
“Big Breaks Often Come When Someone Is Willing to Take a Chance on You”August 29, 2016
“Why Every Company Needs to Grant Employees the Freedom to Speak Up”August 2, 2016
“Here’s What We Can Do to Help You Better Prepare for Retirement”June 7, 2016
“The Best Metric of Success? How Often Our Clients Engage with Us”May 24, 2016
“State of Finance: How Mobile and Big Data Are Enhancing How Your Money Is Managed”April 5, 2016
“Use Pi Day to Help Conquer Math Anxiety”March 13, 2016
“Success Happens When We Embrace Change—and Ensure Everyone Has a Voice”January 26, 2016
“If You Think Your Company Is Safe from Disruption, Think Again”January 8, 2016
“More Than 50% of Startups Fail Within 5 Years. Here’s How to Not Be a Statistic.”December 4, 2015
“Resist the Temptation to Fill Every Moment of Your Day”October 23, 2015
“Stop Giving Safe, Obvious Answers and Let Your Originality Shine”September 14, 2015
“Why Leaders Should Always Make People Feel Like They’re on a Winning Team”July 16, 2015
“State of Finance: Why Competition Brings Out the Best in Asset Managers”June 16, 2015
“Know When to Double Down or Not”April 23, 2015
“Ready for a Job Change? Don’t Let Your Heart Rule Your Head”March 19, 2015
“Want to Inspire More Math Love? Start With Some Pi”March 13, 2015
“Best Advice: Stay the Course in a Crisis”February 12, 2015
“My First 90 Days: Don’t Get Stuck in Cement”January 23, 2015
“Big Idea 2015: Don’t Freak Out Over Interest Rate Hikes”December 18, 2014
“It’s OK If You Don’t Have Your Career Mapped Out. I Didn’t.”November 20, 2014
“Stop Thinking ‘Hot’ Investments Will Shape Your Financial Future”October 16, 2014