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Perspectives on Emerging Markets

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Three Reasons to Believe in Emerging Market Stocks

Avoiding exposure to emerging markets means missing out on high potential opportunities.

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Global Equity

Emerging Markets Innovators Fund


The strategy typically invests in smaller and mid-cap emerging and developing market stocks.



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The Rare Opportunity in Emerging Markets

Why we're looking to the long-term and investing in emerging markets.

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Invest in Disruptors, Facilitators, and Niche Players

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Selectivity is Key for Small- and Mid-Cap Investors

A large, diverse universe of small- and mid-cap stocks requires active management.

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Mid-Cap Stocks: An Option for the Growth-Hungry

In a world where growth can be elusive, mid-cap stocks offer access to fast-growing firms.

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Innovation Opens Investment Opportunities

Investments in innovation focus on long-term opportunities rather than short-term trends.

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CIO Insights

Krishna Memani, Chief Investment Officer, provides
valuable insights on trends and deep market analysis.

September Jobs Data End Talk of 2015 Fed Rate Hike

September's U.S. jobs report likely ends any chance of Fed tightening in 2015.

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  1. 1. This is a new Fund with a limited operating history and an inception date of 6/30/14.
  2. 2. Special Risks Foreign investments may be volatile and involve additional expenses and special risks, including currency fluctuations, foreign taxes, regulatory and geopolitical risks. Emerging and developing market investments may be especially volatile. These risks are magnified in frontier markets. Investing significantly in a particular region, industry, sector or issuer may increase volatility and risk. Small and mid-sized company stock is typically more volatile than that of larger company stock. It may take a substantial period of time to realize a gain on an investment in a small-sized or mid-sized company, if any gain is realized at all. Investments in securities of growth companies may be volatile.
  3. A. Daily net asset value and dollar change of the fund is as of the previous business day's closing. Fund net asset values are updated at approximately 7 p.m. ET daily.
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