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About Us

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients, who range from financial advisors and individual investors to corporations and endowments.

The Right Way to Invest

OppenheimerFunds was founded in 1959. Today, the firm is one of the industry’s leading global asset managers. Markets may change, but we believe the Right Way to Invest remains constant and encompasses four key principles.

Make Global Connections

We understand the interconnectedness of worldwide markets and have been a leader in global investing for over five decades. We were one of the first U.S. asset managers to offer global equity and global fixed income strategies. Today, we manage a range of global and domestic strategies, including one of the largest and most successful emerging markets equity portfolios.

Look to the Long Term

We focus on achieving long-term results through active management and willingness to search for opportunity where others may not. We generally invest with a horizon of five years or longer because we understand creating value takes time. As active investors, we believe we can deliver the expertise to help clients pursue benchmark-beating returns.

Take Intelligent Risks

We recognise that achieving investment rewards requires assuming intelligent risks. Our deep understanding of risk dynamics helps us as we seek to manage portfolios in line with client expectations. Our risk analysts work closely with each investment team to make sure the appropriate metrics and protocols are considered at every stage of the investment process. The risk team remains independent of the investment team. Our Chief Risk Officer reports to the firm’s CEO to ensure that our risk analysis is objective and free of conflicts of interest.

Wall Street

Invest with Proven Teams

Our lead portfolio managers are some of the industry’s most tenured and successful, averaging more than two decades of investment experience across multiple market cycles. We believe in organically developing and promoting our investment professionals, ensuring that our founding investment principles are carried forward through generations. Today 80% of our global equity portfolio managers previously served as research analysts within our firm.

As of April 30, 2019 we have more than $234 billion in assets under management. Our clients include corporations, public funds, foundations and endowments, across the globe.

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