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2013 tax documents will be sent via U.S. Mail to the address of record. For added convenience, some tax documents will also be available online beginning in late January 2014. The remaining documents will be available online in mid-February.

Keep in mind that the information provided here is neither tax nor legal advice. You should speak to your tax professional for specific information regarding your tax situation. Your financial advisor is also a good source for answers to your questions.

Dividends and Distributions

Cost Basis Tax Reporting

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Forms & Documents

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Documents*DescriptionHow/When It's Mailed
1099-DIVReports taxable dividend and capital gains distributions, as well as foreign tax credit and withholding, if applicable. Reports all exempt-interest dividends from a mutual fund.Mailed by February 18
1099-BReports proceeds from the redemption or exchange of mutual fund shares and also reports cost basis information for shares.Mailed by February 18
5498-ESA Report contributions to Coverdell Education Saving Accounts (CSAs).Mailed in late April
1099-QReports all distributions from Coverdell Education Savings Accounts.Mailed in January
Return of CapitalIndicates which funds returned capital. Use this information when calculating capital gains.Available online or by request
Sources of U.S. Government IncomeHelps you calculate what portion of ordinary dividends derived from interest earned on U.S. Government securities may be tax exempt.Available online or by request
Municipal IncomeHelps you determine proper reporting and tax-exempt status of your municipal investments. Includes taxable income, income breakdown by state and income subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax.Available online or by request
Foreign Tax CreditsHelps you determine if you qualify for foreign tax credits or deductions. Affects funds that hold foreign securities.Available online or by request
1042-SReports Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income.Mailed in March
Qualified Dividend IncomeReports the percentage of qualified dividend income by fund that may be eligible for reduced tax rates.Available online or by request.
Dividend Received DeductionProvides corporations with information needed to calculate the corporate dividend exclusion.Available online or by request
Retirement Accounts
1099-RReports direct rollovers or full or partial retirement plan distributions, including IRA recharacterizations.Mailed late January
5498Reports retirement account contributions, rollovers and Roth conversions.Mailed in May
W-9Requests Taxpayer Identification Number and CertificationAvailable by request
W4PAllows individuals to instruct By Request OppenheimerFunds to update the amount of federal income tax withheld from their current systematic distributions on qualified and non-qualified plans.Available by request
Cost Basis Provides you with a calculation of the cost basis of redeemed mutual fund shares.Included with 1099-B
Capital Gains Distributions that are subject to federal taxes and may be subject to state and local taxes.Included with 1099-DIV
Annual StatementsProvides a recap of your accounts' performance, transaction, distribution and history.Mailed early January
Dividend ChecksPay out dividends to shareholders who chose not to reinvest dividends.Mailed in December (and other times during the year)
Organizational Actions Access details on organizational actions reported on IRS Form 8937.N/A
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) Provides information on FATCA and its impacts on Form W-9. N/A
Puerto Rico Residents Municipal Bond Ruling Two letters from the Government of Puerto Rico Treasury Department clarifying that tax-exempt distributions from our 20 municipal bond funds qualify as exempt from income taxation under the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code of 2011.N/A

Also refer to www.irs.gov for detailed information on a wide range of tax issues.          


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