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Growth Opportunity: Global Media


  • The demand for media content has skyrocketed due to rising global affluence.
  • Global media companies in privileged competitive positions have the potential to outperform.
  • 25% of Oppenheimer Global Value Fund is invested in media companies.

Investors searching the world for growth ought to take a closer look at media content owners, select examples of which have compelling asset profiles and privileged competitive positions.

The demand for content has skyrocketed due to rising global affluence and explosive growth of mobile devices, but there are actually only a few suppliers of the content that most viewers watch. This imbalance may provide long-term growth opportunities.

One way to gain exposure to the global boom in media is via Oppenheimer Global Value Fund (GLVAX), 25% of which is invested in what we believe are the world’s best media companies. Media companies are often misunderstood, thought of only as advertising plays. But structural changes worldwide favor media firms, and those with excellent content have the potential to serve as sources of long-term outperformance.

Access Content Is King: Growth in the Golden Age of Media to learn more about this exciting investment opportunity.


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