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SteelPath MLPs

Bw investing in the guts of a beautiful world 620x349

Finding Opportunities in Midstream Energy

Learn why we created our Oppenheimer SteelPath Funds.

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November 2015 MLP Update – OFI SteelPath

The Alerian MLP Index climbed last month, and outperformed the S&P 500 Index.

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Bw energy revolution 620x349

Investing in the Fundamentals of the Energy Renaissance

The fundamentals of midstream MLPs remain strong and aren't tied to oil prices long term.

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Oppenheimer SteelPath Suite of Mutual Funds

Since 2004, SteelPath has been solely focused on understanding and investing in the energy sector.

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Customized Wealth Management Conversations

Our new digital tool brings a full suite of presentations you can customize to address
your clients' needs and concerns right to your hand-held mobile device.

Bw compelling wealth management conversations 960x334

Compelling Wealth Management Conversations

Ideas to help financial advisors guide client investment decisions and keep them on track.

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Quarterly Client Conversations Webcast Series

A webinar series on how to redirect an investor’s emotions to market opportunities.

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Articulating Your Customized Approach

Here is a script that can help you articulate your approach to clients.

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An Alternative Way Forward in a Volatile Market

Bw alternative growth path with low volatility 620x349

Alternatives—A Growth Path with Low Volatility?

Alternatives may appeal to investors who want low sensitivity to stock and bond movements.

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Fundamental Alternatives Fund


The strategy invests long and short across multiple asset types.



Share Price


down -$0.01

933.43 Million Total Assets

Bw alternative investment strategies michelle borre oppenheimerfunds 620x349

A Conversation About Alternative Strategies

Michelle Borré uses a variety of alternative investments to express her fundamental views.

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Making Sense of the Global Markets

Bw optimism global markets 960x334

The Case for Optimism in the Global Markets

The potential for slow and steady growth outweighs concern over risks to global markets.

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Deflation Concerns and the Risk of Policy Mistakes

Global policymakers must deploy appropriate strategies to offset deflationary pressures.

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Fed Appears Ready to Raise Rates in December

October's jobs report sets the stage for the Fed to raise U.S. interest rates in December.

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  1. 1. Effective 12/2/13, The Fund will limit the market value of its total short positions to not more than 40% of its net assets at the time a short sale is entered into.
  2. 2. Prior to 8/3/15, the Fund’s name was Oppenheimer Flexible Strategies Fund.
  3. 3. Special Risks: Fixed income investing entails credit and interest rate risks. When interest rates rise, bond prices generally fall, and the Fund’s share prices can fall. Foreign investments may be volatile and involve additional expenses and special risks, including currency fluctuations, foreign taxes, regulatory and geopolitical risks. Value investing involves the risk that undervalued securities may not appreciate as anticipated. Short selling may increase volatility and risk of loss and is considered a speculative investment practice. Derivative instruments entail higher volatility and risk of loss compared to traditional stock or bond investments. Mid-sized company stock is typically more volatile than that of larger company stock. It may take a substantial period of time to realize a gain on an investment in a mid-sized company, if any gain is realized at all. Commodity-linked investments are speculative and have substantial risks, including the loss of principal. The Fund may also invest through a wholly-owned Cayman Islands subsidiary, which involves the risk that changes to the laws of the Cayman Islands could negatively affect the Fund. Diversification does not guarantee profit or protect against loss.
  4. A. Daily net asset value and dollar change of the fund is as of the previous business day's closing. Fund net asset values are updated at approximately 7 p.m. ET daily.
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