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Look for Investment-Grade Debt Worthy of the Label

An examination of your investment-grade debt funds will help ensure they match your objectives.

Alternative Sources of Yield

3 Potential Benefits of International Bonds

We believe income opportunities for investors may exist beyond the United States’ borders.

A High Yield Vehicle for Long-Term Investors

The allure of high yield muni bonds stems from the tax-free income they can help deliver.

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Building Income Portfolios in an Income-Challenged World

We feel investors can build diverse portfolios to target yield—even in a low-yield world.

Insights and Tools for Your Clients and Business

Bw a financial literacy program for your clients 620x349

A Financial Literacy Program for Your Clients

OppenheimerFunds’ Financial Literacy Program can facilitate your client conversations.

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How Financial Advisors Can Improve Client Engagement

Advisors’ ability to retain clients depends increasingly on service quality.

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How Are Your Peers Managing Portfolios Today?

Our analysis suggests advisor models today may be more focused on the past than the future.

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