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to communicate more effectively with clients and prospects.
numbers and data into engaging stories.
the best practices of the top advisors and teams in the industry.

This is precisely what we are looking for in a mutual fund partner. To my knowledge, no other fund family is making this approach on an in-person, local level.

Independent Financial Advisor

Learn how to refine and enhance your practice and team to grow and succeed in today’s complex environment.
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Compelling Conversations

Architect your recurring conversations so clients and prospects not only understand your business model and recommendations, but also take the appropriate actions.

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How to Build a Professional Practice

Overcome today’s complex environment by transforming your business into a comprehensive, proactive and personalized wealth management practice.

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Building a Life 'On Purpose'

Most advisors at the pinnacle of their career are no longer motivated by incentives. Instead, they are looking for meaning and self-actualization on that final stage of their journey.

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Compelling Wealth Management Conversations

Use the power of analogy, metaphor and stories to provide clients with the philosophical and historical perspective necessary to stay “buckled in” during times of uncertainty.

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Constructing and Managing a Synergistic Team

Create a team of highly specialized personnel unified around a common vision to win the battle for your clients, and yourselves.

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Our Team
A dedicated staff of industry leading professionals with one goal: to take you and your practice to the next level of performance.
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Paul Blease

Director of CEO Advisor Institute

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Jay Therrien

Director of Business Consulting

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Kathryn Gallo

CEO Advisor Business Coach (Southeast / Mid-Atlantic)

Bw rick henn headshot2

Rick Henn

CEO Advisor Business Coach (Northeast)

Bw john thorpe headshot2

John Thorpe

CEO Advisor Business Coach (Midwest / Southwest)

Bw tim wilkinson headshot2

Tim Wilkinson

CEO Advisor Business Coach (Central /Western)

Our team is excited to partner with financial advisors across the country. Here are some highlights.
April 25, 2017

Barron’s St. Louis Regional Summit

St. Louis, MO
April 26, 2017

Raymond James FS Elevate Conference

Orlando, FL
May 4, 2017

Wells Fargo Advisors Management Conference

St Louis, MO
May 5, 2017

UBS Branch Manager Meeting

Weehawken, NJ
May 24, 2017

Barron’s Scottsdale Regional Summit

Scottsdale, AZ
June 15, 2017

Wells Fargo Financial Network Connect Conference

Short Hills, NJ

This is the only piece of the day that our Financial Advisors can take something away from and implement immediately.

Complex Director at a National Wire House Firm Conference

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