Professional Practice

Professional Practice Overview

Juxtaposing our industry's traditional sales oriented business model with a professional one.

Professional Practice

Client Acquisition

Creating a strategy for growing your business through referrals and social prospecting.

Professional Practice

Client Segmentation: Qualitative & Quantitative

Defining the qualitative and quantitative characteristics for a productive client service...

Professional Practice

Client Reduction & Stratification

Once you've gone through the client segmentation process, it's time to stratify those clients.

Professional Practice

Client Service Standards

Providing extraordinary service that is personalized and fair, but not equal.

Professional Practice

Annual Client Review

Shifting to a process that is designed to keep your clients buckled in.

Professional Practice

Wealth Management Concepts

Building a broad-based, process oriented professional practice.

Professional Practice

Wealth Management Conversations

Shifting away from the narrow arena of investment advice.

Life On Purpose

Life on Purpose Overview

The architectural framework to consciously design a life that is both successful and...