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Portfolio Builder

Portfolio Builder is a personalized asset management program with a suite of unique online tools that allows you to create customized portfolios that best meet your client’s investment goals, time horizon and risk tolerances.

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Customized Portfolio Construction Made Easy

Enhanced Portfolio Management Tools

  • Create new customized portfolio models.
  • Generate personalized client proposals & pre-filled account applications.
  • Modify existing models to fine tune investment strategies.
  • Assign model portfolios to one or many clients.

Keep Portfolios on Track and Streamline Your Process

  • Automatic and on demand rebalancing options.1
  • Intelligent withdrawal system to keep the portfolio in line with target allocations.
  • Full-color quarterly statements summarizing account activity, investment performance and returns.
  • Comprehensive online advisor account access.

Portfolio Builder accounts can be established for clients with $10,000 or more for initial investment. Many advisors comment that Portfolio Builder is an excellent alternative to expensive wrap or managed accounts with much higher minimum investment requirements.
  1. 1. Rebalancing can be set for annual, semi-annual or quarterly frequencies if asset allocations shift more than 5% from target allocations or can be done on demand. Only four (4) rebalances can be done per year and rebalances must be a minimum of 90 days apart.
  2. Investments in mutual funds are subject to market risk and volatility. The sample portfolios are not intended to represent investment advice that is appropriate for all investors. Each investor's portfolio must be constructed based on the individual's financial resources, investment goals, risk tolerance, investing time frame, tax situation and other relevant factors. OppenheimerFunds does not recommend any specific asset allocations. A financial advisor can suggest an asset allocation strategy designed to meet your financial goals, time horizon and risk tolerance. Asset allocation does not assure a profit or protect against loss.
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