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Take Advantage of Breaks in the Clouds over Europe


Investors may find reasons to be optimistic about Europe, despite recent negative news.

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Investor Caution Points to Further Gains in Stocks

Equity fund outflows plus cautious investor sentiment often precede strong market gains.


Small Caps and the Big Picture

Focusing on small-cap company "ecosystems" helps uncover compelling long-term investments.

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King Canute Wannabe at the People's Bank of China

China’s central bank may soon learn that economic outcomes aren't subject to its commands.

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The Beginning of the End of the Yuan-Dollar Peg

Declining reserves at China’s central bank may lead to the end of the yuan-dollar peg.


Crude Oil: Are We Reaching Our Limit?

Brian Watson analyzes the decreasing oil storage space and the effects it may have on the market.


Consumer Revival Boosts Mid-Cap Growth Companies

Mid-cap growth companies may benefit from the improving outlook for U.S. consumers.


A Proposed Rule Could Set Back Retirement Investors

Here's why fiduciary requirements for plan advisors could end up hurting participants.

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It Ain't Just the Weather

Disappointing U.S. job growth in March was the result of more than just bad weather.

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Portfolio Rebalancing: More About Risk than Return

The reason to rebalance portfolios regularly is to better manage risk, not boost returns.