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The Case for Optimism in the Global Markets


The potential for slow and steady growth outweighs concern over risks to global markets.

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In Q3, Even Low Returns Provided a Reason to Smile

Unlike equities, which incurred sharp losses, tax-exempt bonds delivered modest returns .

Markets & Economy

Deflation Concerns and the Risk of Policy Mistakes

Global policymakers must deploy appropriate strategies to offset deflationary pressures.

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Markets & Economy

2015 Mid-Year Outlook: The Beat Goes On

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Markets & Economy

Take Advantage of Breaks in the Clouds over Europe

Investors may find reasons to be optimistic about Europe, despite recent negative news.


The Case for Geographically Unconstrained Strategies

Global managers can capitalize on several advantages.

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OppenheimerFunds 2015 Global Research Symposium

Content and resources from our 2015 Global Research Symposium are now available online.

Fixed Income

Why Interest Rates May Remain Low for a Long Time

Here are some untraditional sources of income to consider in a low rate environment.

Markets & Economy

European Companies: Why Now?

Strong European companies appear attractively valued and ripe for investment. Here’s why.