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Confounding Doubters, Muni Bonds Have Delivered Over Time

Lower taxes, major market events, have not historically impacted the appeal of muni bond funds.

Bw confounding doubters muni bonds have delivered over time 620x349
A Diversified, Long-Term Muni Fund That’s AMT-Free

This fund is designed to produce income without increasing an investor's AMT exposure.

Bw a topranked diversified muni fund thats amtfree 620x349
The Rochester Investment Team
A High Yield Vehicle for Long-Term Investors

The allure of high yield muni bonds stems from the tax-free income they can help deliver.

Bw how muni bonds can help ease the quest for high yield 620x349
The Rochester Investment Team
Domestic Debt
Balancing Income and Volatility in Fixed Income

Combining investment-grade bonds and senior loans may improve investor outcomes.

Bw balancing income and volatility in fixed income 620x349
Global Debt
Global Debt: Quarterly Macro Update

Our Global Debt Team offers its quarterly update on worldwide macroeconomic conditions.

Bw global debt quarterly macro updated 620x349
Hemant Baijal
Turgut Kisinbay
| April 16, 2019
Not Since 2014 Has a Year Had a Stronger Start

Tax-free bonds and bond funds delivered handsome returns as Treasury yields declined.

Bw quarterly market perspective 620x349
The Rochester Investment Team
Fixed Income
Look for Investment-Grade Debt Worthy of the Label

An examination of your investment-grade debt funds will help ensure they match your objectives.

Bw look for investment grade debt worthy of the label 620x349
April 10, 2019
Global Debt
Optimism Gives Way to Reality in South Africa

Euphoria following President Ramphosa’s 2018 election has faded as economic reality sets in.

Bw optimism gives way to reality in south africa 620x349
Meral Karasulu
| April 04, 2019
Domestic Debt
The Credit Cycle Is in the Driver's Seat. What's Ahead?

We expect bumps in the road for this extended business cycle. Investment-grade bonds may help.

Bw sunday driving 620x349
Peter Strzalkowski
| March 26, 2019
Global Debt
The Hunt for Extra Yield: Bonds or Derivatives?

Derivatives, not bonds, may sometimes be the better choice in the hunt for extra yield.

Bw the hunt for extra yield bonds or derivatives 620x349
Wim Vandenhoeck
| March 14, 2019
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