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This Tobacco Bond Includes an Unusual Twist

The curious tale of the Pennsylvania bond that isn’t what it seems to be.

Bw this tobacco bond includes an unusual twist 620x349
The Rochester Investment Team
| May 18, 2018
Rochester Conference Call Highlights 4/25/18

Troy Willis, Charlie Pulire, and Tim Spitz share an update on the Rochester Municipal Funds.

Bw rochester conference call highlights 42518 620x349
The Rochester Investment Team
| May 17, 2018
Global Debt
Our Fundamental View on the Dollar Has Not Changed

Despite its recent rally, we continue to anticipate a weakening dollar in the medium term.

Bw our fundamental view on the dollar has not changed 620x349
Hemant Baijal
Turgut Kisinbay
| May 16, 2018
Global Debt
Global Debt: Quarterly Macro Update

Our Global Debt Team features its quarterly update on macroeconomic conditions globally.

Bw global debt quarterly macro update 620x349
May 03, 2018
Fixed Income
The Potential Advantages of Large Senior Loan Funds

Bigger may be better when it comes to gathering information about the senior loan market.

Bw the potential advantages of large senior loan funds 620x349
Domestic Debt
Beyond Income, Investment-Grade Debt Offers Ballast

Our investment-grade portfolios seek to hold their value under stressed market conditions.

Bw ig infographic 620x349
Global Debt
Enhancing Fixed Income Efficiency Through Diversification

We believe a mix of U.S. and international fixed income can enhance risk-adjusted returns.

Bw enhancing fixed income efficiency through diversification 620x349
Hemant Baijal
Peter Strzalkowski
| April 26, 2018
Domestic Debt
Senior Loans Can Be A Strong Core Holding

Senior loans’ income, return and volatility traits make them attractive as a core holding.

Bw senior loans can be a strong core holding 620x349
Domestic Debt
Complement Your Core with Senior Loans

Adding senior loans to fixed-income portfolios may produce higher yields with lower volatility.

Bw complement your core with senior loans 620x349
April 25, 2018
Global Debt
With Bonds, Going International May Offer Benefits

Adding international bonds to your U.S. bond portfolio may help increase outcomes.

Bw with bonds going international may offer benefits 620x349
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