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Retirement Plan Services

How do I request a loan from my client’s 403(b) or Single K account?
How do I view my client’s current loan information?

From the Dashboard, click My Clients tab, select client from My Clients list, and click Loans tab

How do I request an IRA conversion or recharacterization?

Complete the IRA Conversion/Recharacterization Form. For further assistance call our Advisor Services at 1.800.525.7040

Website Troubleshooting

Why should cookies be enabled?

Cookies ensure that any personal or account information you retrieve or submit is transmitted only to your computer

How do I unsubscribe from mailings or newsletters?

Click the My Profile icon at the top right of any page and select the Subscriptions tab

How do I delete my access to OppenheimerFunds.com?

To permanently delete your access, call our Advisor Services at 1.800.525.7040

What is DST Vision and how can I access it?
  • DST Vision is a third-party, interactive website that allows broker/dealers to view shareholder accounts and dealer information across fund families. Vision also offers information such as shareholder positions, transaction histories, fund pricing, yields, CDSC calculations, online statement viewing/printing, etc. OppenheimerFunds allows view-only capability for client accounts through DST Vision
  • Easily access all of your clients' year-end account statements using DST Vision's Batch Statement Program. To review annual statements, log in to DST Vision. Statements are available for 10 days after you send your request, and only one batch statement request is allowed per quarter. If you have questions or need assistance, please call DST Vision at 1.800.435.4112, or our Advisor Services at 1.800.525.7040
Which devices, operating systems and browsers are currently supported?

Our website is best viewed using the most recent versions of these browsers. Get free upgrades here:

Our mobile website supports the following operating systems and browsers:

  • Apple iPhone – iOS 7 and greater with Safari or Chrome
  • Android – Android 6 and greater with Android Browser or Chrome
How can I access the Morningstar tool using Safari?

If you are using a Safari browser you may receive an error message that you've been logged out of the Morningstar tool. To avoid seeing this error in the future, please enable your browser settings to allow cookies.

Upload Forms

Can I send paperwork and completed applications/forms through the oppenheimerfunds.com website?

Yes, you can upload paperwork, forms and applications at www.oppenheimerfunds.com/upload.

I submitted forms/docs through, but never received a confirmation email. Where can I check the status of my request?

If the confirmation email cannot be located in your spam folder, please contact us to check the status of your request.

Can I upload multiple files at a time?

At this time we only accept one file per upload, please consolidate into one file or use an alternative method of fax or mail.

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