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The ABCs of Education Savings

Create opportunities to develop an education savings plan for your clients.

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Avoid College Cost Confusion

Putting off saving for college is often driven by three primary myths or misconceptions.

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529 Plan Tax Benefits

Tax benefits are an attractive component of a 529, but not all plans are the same.

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Estate Planning and Gifting Benefits

529 college savings plans offer estate planning advantages and gifting benefits.

When Choosing a 529 College Savings Plan,
You Have Options

A 529 college savings plan can play a vital role in helping make college more affordable. However, not all 529 plans are created equal.

Explore the Options When Choosing a 529 Plan

Many states offer residents tax incentives to invest in their state’s plan, but many do not.

529 College Savings Plan Managed by OppenheimerFunds

Each plan has its unique features and investment options. For more information,
click below to view the article and our plan's website.

OppenheimerFunds' 529 Plan

OppenheimerFunds has been managing 529 college savings plans since 2001.

College Savings Forms & Literature

Incorporating College Savings into your business model can benefit your clients as you determine their overall investment and savings strategy.

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