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Professional Practice


A generation or two ago, the financial services industry was filled with “customers men” who were engaged in “position building.” Today, “financial advisors” practice “comprehensive wealth management.” In spite of the massive transformations in our industry, vestiges of our transactional and sales-oriented mindsets and habits remain with us. This program will systematically diagnose, refine and enhance your business to help you move from a reactive, narrow investment practice to a comprehensive, proactive, personalized wealth management model.

How Financial Advisors Can Improve Client Engagement

Advisors’ ability to retain clients depends increasingly on service quality.

Client Service: Fair but not Equal

Providing extraordinary service that is personalized and fair, but not equal.

Client Reduction & Stratification

Once you've gone through the client segmentation process, it's time to stratify those clients.

Client Acquisition

Creating a strategy for growing your business through referrals and social prospecting.

Annual Client Review

Shifting to a process that is designed to keep your clients buckled in.


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