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Life on Purpose


Most people are motivated by a need for security, a sense of belonging and personal recognition, all of which are in our industry’s motivational sweet spot. But top advisors are different. They are already near the apex of Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” and have little need for another recognition trip, a nicer car or a slightly bigger house. Instead, they are looking for meaning and self-actualization, which often involves finding answers to two important questions: “Who am I capable of becoming?” and “What will be my legacy?” This program will help guide financial advisors on this important final journey.

Life on Purpose Overview

The architectural framework to consciously design a life that is both successful and meaningful.

The Power of Why

Answering the question, "Why?" taps into what you and your team are capable of.

Maslow Got it Right

Achieving the apex of the pyramid requires the philosophical framework of "why?"

Making the Impossible Possible

Purpose is the combination of a profound mission and an inspiring vision.


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