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Insights on Affluent Millennials


We provide an in-depth look for advisors at the investing needs and intentions of the next generation of wealthy families. Learn what we believe advisors must do to cultivate high-net-worth Millennial clients; explore the asset classes that are most appealing to young investors; and gain perspective on the investing decisions of wealthy young adults. We’ve also developed an interactive experience for advisors that examines the unique perspectives of ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) Millennials, who come from families with a net worth of at least $35 million.

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Wealthy Millennial Investment Behaviors

Insights into the wealth management strategies Millennials use and how they work with advisors.

Helping Millennials Bubble-Proof Their Investment Portfolios

Time-tested ideas to help young investors avoid getting swept away by investment mania.

Millennials: Generation Flip Phone vs. Generation iPhone

There is a significant life-stage gap within the Millennial generation. Advisors, take note.

Consider This Before Giving Millennial Investors 401(k) Tips

How to navigate the DOL Fiduciary Rule when providing Millennials retirement savings strategies.

What Advisors Must Do to Win Over Millennials

Key takeaways for advisors from the industry’s first in-depth study of wealthy Millennials.

How to Design and Execute Successful Family Meetings

Applying Whole Family Advising concepts may help advisors create successful family meetings.

3 Dos and Don’ts for Advisors in Winning Wealthy Clients

A guide for advisors in nurturing relationships with the families of their wealthiest clients.

Adapting to a New Investing World Order

Millennials are driving change in the investment management industry.

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Evolving into a Whole Family Advisor

A one-to-family approach can help an advisor become a trusted partner to client families.

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