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Compelling Wealth Management Conversations

A Program Designed to Help You Engage with Your Clients

Compelling Wealth Management Conversations is a program designed to help provide philosophical and historical context and perspective to keep investors “buckled in” and stay the course during uncertain times (and when have times not been uncertain), while providing a framework to help identify the best opportunities going forward.

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Compelling Wealth Management Conversations

Ideas to help financial advisors guide client investment decisions and keep them on track.

Making the Case for Investing with Optimism

Having the right conversations about wealth helps investors remain positive.

Conversation of the Week

Although stocks are at record highs, keep in mind they’re favorably valued compared to global government bonds.

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Speaker Notes

  • The ratio of S&P 500 Index to its trailing 12-month earnings per share (the P/E ratio) is elevated from a historical perspective.
  • While absolute equity valuations are above their long-term average, the value of stocks relative to bonds is attractive compared to historical norms.
  • The S&P 500 earnings yield (the inverse of the P/E ratio) is about 3% above the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield.
  • If a selloff occurs, the downside is cushioned by compelling value relative to bonds, which is a global phenomenon.
Sources: FRED, Standard & Poor's, 12/31/16. Note: Earnings are trailing 12-month as reported earnings per share. Earnings yield = earnings divided by price (E/P) or the reciprocal of the P/E. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Long-Term Investing Isn't About Catching Waves

We believe the best strategy for long-term investors is to have a plan—and stick to it.

Happy 8th Anniversary to the Unloved Bull Market

We provide perspective on the 8th anniversary of the bull run that began March 9, 2009.

Should I Wait for the Market Correction?

History has shown that it’s time in the market—not timing the market—that matters.

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Customize Your Compelling Wealth Conversations

Our website allows advisors to create and save custom presentations for their clients.

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Guiding Clients to a Financially Secure Retirement

Helping clients understand many important issues in retirement planning.

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Internet of Things: Investing in Disruptive Change

The Internet connectivity that objects can have today is bringing opportunities and disruption.

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