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Constructing and Managing a Synergistic Team


When is the best time to form or join a team or add a new team member? There are many variables to consider that may dramatically increase or decrease your rate of success. This program was developed to provide you with the resources and tools to help you construct and manage a synergistic team.

Constructing and Managing a Synergistic Team Overview

Providing actionable tools and resources needed to construct and manage a synergistic team.

Getting Acquainted

Questions advisors must ask themselves as they consider a prospective partner.

Macro 4 Room Business Analysis

The proper structure, systems, roles and responsibilities can make a good practice great.

How Great Teams Are Built - Philosophical Alignment

Outstanding teams share a lot in common with great marriages.

Aligning Roles and Responsibilities in the 4 Rooms

A guide to how advisors should align roles and responsibilities in their practices.

Defining Your Critical Few Objectives

We help you assess the key areas that will help take your business to the next level.

Structuring Team Compensation and Titles

We outline variables to consider when constructing a long-term team compensation structure.

Critical Team Meetings

Your team’s ability to collaborate and communicate effectively will determine your success.

Daily Huddle

Weekly Strategy Meetings

Semiannual Meeting

Building Esprit-de-Corps

Succession Planning Framework

We explain how to set up a succession plan for your financial advisory practice.

The 6 Potential Blind Spots of Family Teams

We explain the potential pitfalls that come with running an advisory firm with family.


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