Articulating the Power of a Synergistic Team

Describe how working with a team of specialists works to clients’ advantage. Explain the rationale, structure and value of your team in helping clients pick the lock of complexity in their financial lives.


  • Display the power of your team’s collective experience and expertise.
  • Define a more comprehensive and nuanced approach to meeting their needs.
  • Develop relationships between your clients and your individual team members.


Practice this script to explain to clients how your team structure may help de-clutter their financial lives.


“Mrs. Jones, I formed a team because of one simple word: complexity. Never in human history has life been this complex. Better in many ways, but increasingly complex. There is demographic complexity (people living longer and blended families becoming the norm), geopolitical complexity (economic and political changes continue to alter this landscape), technological complexity (causing the average person to reach ‘information overload’ shortly after breakfast each morning) and financial complexity (the proliferation of financial instruments and strategies continue to grow unabated). And ironically, the more wealth you accumulate, the greater the complexity. It gets to a point where you need the fully integrated capability of three institutions-banking, brokerage and insurance-to begin to deal with these complex challenges. People spend their entire careers in one of these industries, and you need all three brought to bear on your financial challenges. This is why we formed a team; to begin to apply the collective insights and capabilities of those three industries to solve the complex financial needs of our clientele. We believe one individual is simply incapable of knowing all that’s necessary to address these challenges. So our team members (both actual and virtual) have all subspecialized, to bring our clientele the breadth of capability and the depth of insight necessary to help address their complex financial challenges. We then wrap this capability in an overarching strategic plan, which we design shoulder to shoulder with our clientele, to ensure that everything works seamlessly and harmoniously as clients seek to achieve their goals and objectives.”

You can then go on from here to address the specific roles and responsibilities of your actual team (those that reside within your practice) and your virtual team (those individuals you call upon for highly technical expertise both within the firm and your local community).

Once clients understand the need for expert help in all areas of their financial lives, they’ll feel more comfortable taking your advice.

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Why This Matters

Clients need the fully integrated capability of three institutions: banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies. No single individual is capable of delivering that breadth and depth of content and capability. Clients inherently understand this dilemma. Wrapping your team functionally around the clientele with a comprehensive and nuanced strategic overlay that only your team can provide is the best (and frankly only) rationale for a team.

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