The good news about influence is that the three core principles of transformational leadership fall neatly under your control:

  • Credibility: The first thing people ask about their leaders is, “Do they know what they’re talking about?” Are they credible? They don’t care how nice you are if your knowledge and insights aren’t valuable and accurate. If you are credible, you now have their attention, however, you won’t have it for long unless you are also congruent.
  • Congruent: Remember that all leadership moves people forward, out of their comfort zone, making them feel what? Uncomfortable! When the challenge is great and the journey gets uncomfortable people will look for incongruity in their leader. Do they walk their talk? If they don’t, there is almost an implicit permission to ignore their guidance.
  • Caring: Is your advice and guidance for me or for thee? Transformational Leadership is about bringing people along in the journey. Without caring, this becomes more of a “check the box” activity than a leadership exercise.

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