Semiannual Meeting

The development and performance of the team collectively, simply reflects the development and performance of the team members individually. To attract and retain great people, they must be given the opportunity to grow and develop personally, professionally and economically. If they don’t find this opportunity within the team they will surely seek it outside the team. Below are a list of concepts that when present foster both productivity and loyalty.

  • These meetings are between one of the senior partners and an individual junior partner or senior staff member.
  • For larger teams the Chief of Staff conducts these one-on-one meetings with individual staff members.
  • These meetings should be conducted in a relaxed and casual setting preferably over lunch.
  • The focus of the meeting is the accomplishments, developmental opportunities and career aspirations of the junior person.
  • Look for the intersection of the individual’s aspirations, their talents and skills and the team’s current and future needs.
  • Obtain their unique insights and perspective on the team’s current strengths and weaknesses.

The Constructing a Synergistic Team Toolkit to explore deeper into the subject of managing critical team meetings and semiannual meeting questions.

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