Here at OppenheimerFunds, we understand that strong, long-term relationships with clients are the bedrock of success for financial advisors.

This is why we take the time to ascertain your unique needs and work to deliver support that’s designed to help your business flourish.

Our Consultants Work As Your Partners

We do this in several ways:

Our consultants don’t just call you to discuss investments. We take a holistic approach by working to understand your business and offer you a range of timely, research-driven and unbiased insights. Additionally, we have technology that puts all of our resources at your fingertips anytime you need them.

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Resources to Enhance Your Interactions with Clients

We know supporting your clients requires far more than just expertise in evaluating investments and crafting financial plans. We can support your efforts to be a full-service advisor in a number of ways. This includes:

  • CEO Advisor Institute – Our award-winning series of programs designed to help you run your business like a world-class CEO.
  • Compelling Wealth Management Conversations – A quarterly chart book that goes far beyond charts and graphs, using stories to make the data come alive and show you how to appeal to your clients’ emotions.
  • Retirement Consulting – A full suite of our thought leadership, seminars and tools to help you guide clients through retirement planning, including social security basics and strategies.
  • Generational Wealth Transfer (coming soon) – Our insights to help you develop successful legacy and wealth transfer plans for families while maintaining your relationship with each generation.

Strategies to Address Your Clients’ Diverse Needs

We believe there’s a right way to invest, and in today’s marketplace, this means making global connections, looking to the long term and taking intelligent risks with proven teams.

We offer a wide range of investing strategies powered by one of the industry’s best research teams to help meet your clients’ needs.

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