NEWYORKCITY, July 7, 2015 – OppenheimerFunds will launch this Wednesday a quarterly webinar series based on the firm’s newly digitized Compelling Wealth Management Conversations. This multi-platform resource provides a deep philosophical framework and broad historical context designed to help financial advisors answer clients’ short-term questions and keep clients “buckled into” their investment strategies. The program also focuses on opportunities to enhance and refine an investment strategy, and helps FAs articulate their value proposition in a clear and compelling way.

Each of the quarterly webinars will focus on pressing client questions and provide answers in a historical context. The inaugural July 8 program will explore such topics as:

  • Debunking myths about corrections, foreign investing and investing amid “market uncertainty”;
  • Where to look for opportunity in the low-for-long interest rate environment, even as the Federal Reserve looks to begin gradually increasing rates;
  • Surveying how different historical events have played out in the markets over the long term.

“The Greek debt crisis is but one example of the kinds of current events that investors have to consider in the proper historical and forward-looking context,” said Senior Investment Strategist Brian Levitt, speaker for the July 8 webinar. “Compelling Wealth Management Conversations provides real-world perspective on trends that shape the investment environment in such diverse areas as demographics, energy, manufacturing, politics and the overall economy.”

For more information about Compelling Wealth Management Conversations, including a new digital app that enables advisors to create customized presentations, click here.

“Every night it seems, advisors and their clients get home from a long day at work, flip on the TV and see a red scroll of alerts and breaking news. Our Compelling Wealth Management Conversations program provides the insights, context and perspective to help investors relax and let their advisors do their job of helping clients achieve long-term financial security,” said Paul Blease, Director of OppenheimerFunds’ CEO Advisor Institute. “The positive response from advisors has led us to offer this webinar series as well as a new digital app so that advisors can access these insights in whichever medium works best for them.”