Oppenheimer International Diversified Fund Y Shares (OIDYX) received a 5-star rating (as of 6/30/17) by Morningstar, a leading global provider of independent investment research.

Morningstar cited a number of key factors, including the “well-regarded managers” of the Fund’s four underlying strategies and “solid long-term performance,” as reasons for rating OIDYX 5 stars among the funds in its Foreign Large Growth Category over the three-, five-, and 10-year periods ended 6/30/17, based on risk-adjusted performance.1

George R. Evans, CFA, OppenheimerFunds’ Chief Investment Officer, Equities, and Portfolio Manager of Oppenheimer International Diversified Fund, “is known for his strong, 21-year track record” at Oppenheimer International Growth Fund (OIGYX), Morningstar said. George has been investing in international equities for more than 30 years and is, as Morningstar noted, “one of the longest-tenured international equity fund managers” in the industry.

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  1. ^Oppenheimer International Diversified Fund was rated against the following number of Foreign Large Growth funds over the following time periods: For the 3-, 5- and 10- year periods, respectively, the Fund was rated 4, 5 and 4 stars among 714 funds in the last three years, 590 funds in the last five years, and 329 funds in the last 10 years.