According to the “Maslow Hierarchy of Needs,” at the base of the pyramid, is Phase 1, comprised of physiological needs (food, shelter and clothing) and security. The next step up is Phase 2 – acceptance and recognition. Once that is achieved, you have reached the apex or Phase 3, which is the desire for self-actualization.

Our industry’s focus on the strategic and tactical questions – “what?” and “how?” – works very well in the first two phases of Maslow’s hierarchy. But once you have achieved Phase 1 and 2, where does the motivation come from for the rest of your life? You have just entered Phase 3, which requires a much deeper and more personal level of questioning, reflection, and introspection. We must begin to incorporate the philosophical framework of “why” to ignite and sustain our motivation and our passion.

This video series and workbook will give you the architectural framework to consciously design a life that is both successful and meaningful.