For educators seeking strategies to help meet their retirement goals, a 403(b) plan may provide an important source of additional income, beyond pensions and other resources. In a survey of middle income workers, more than 60% of respondents agree they are behind when it comes to preparing for retirement, and desire more financial education1. As a trusted advisor, you’re vital in helping educators plan successfully.

This presents a perfect opportunity to talk with your educators and explain the importance of enrolling in or increasing 403(b) contributions, to pursue a more financially secure retirement. OppenheimerFunds is here to support you with the tools and materials you need to help educate your clients about the many potential benefits a 403(b) plan may offer them, including:

  • The ability to reduce taxable income,
  • Tax-deferred contributions and earnings,
  • Tax free earnings if the plan permits Roth,
  • A wide range of investment options - Participants may choose from a wide variety of diversified investment options to select those that best meet their needs.

Addressing Women’s Unique Retirement Challenges

Women make up more than 75% of public school educators2, and they face unique challenges when it comes to saving for and building a retirement nest egg. These challenges include the cost of caregiving, lower wages over their lifetime and longer life expectancies. Tailor your conversations to women by using our Women & Investing Presentation, which may help them feel more comfortable about their long-term planning.

New Online Form Submission Capability

OppenheimerFunds is pleased to announce a new online feature, designed to help you service your clients more efficiently. Now you can submit applications and forms online, through our forms upload feature. In addition, advisors who have e-sign capability may now upload signed documents.

Next Steps

  • Use our 403(b) Basics and Women & Investing Presentation to help initiate and continue retirement conversations.

  • Speak to your clients about opening and contributing to a 403(b) plan or increasing their deferrals.

  • Call your OppenheimerFunds Regional Advisor Consultant for assistance today.
  • Summit forms now using our new upload feature.
  1. ^Mass Mutual Middle America Financial Security Survey, 2017
  2. ^U.S. Department of Education, Digest of Education Statistics, 2015