(k)ustom Advisor

The next generation of target date funds (TDFs) is taking hold and if your clients haven’t asked you about them yet, chances are they will at your next meeting. 20.4% of DC plans offered custom target date funds in 2017 1 and assets in custom models may reach $259 billion by 2017 2

If you haven’t added custom TDFs to your advisory tool kit, now may be the time. As TDFs have matured in the marketplace along with recordkeeping efficiencies, semi-custom models have become more appealing to plan sponsors. Your expertise in “tailored” TDFs makes you a critical partner who has more to offer than pre-packaged solutions. Boosting your knowledge of this next generation retirement plan product may be a smart way to help you grow your business.

OppenheimerFunds’ (k)ustom Advisor program is designed to help you engage your clients and underscore your role as a trusted partner. Access our resources and tools to help you implement custom target date funds, enhance plan sponsor conversations, build and maintain your retirement plan advisory practice and educate your clients.

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"Navigating TDFs and the Investment Policy Statement" 

This brochure provides a roadmap to support the process undertaken by plan sponsors to properly develop an IPS in compliance with current regulatory guidance, with highlights on TDF and QDIA specific considerations. This is the second in our Plan Sponsor Conversations series featuring Joan Neri, Esq., Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, which focus on enhancing plan advisor and plan sponsor interactions with deep-dive practical resources.
Advisor/ Brochure
“Customizing Target Date Funds—It’s Easier Than You Think”

This guide provides practical steps on the implementation of semi-custom TDFs. It breaks down the roles and responsibilities of the Recordkeeper, Advisor and Plan Sponsor. Included is a discussion of how to determine a suitable glide path and investment committee considerations. A five-step process/checklist is included.
Advisor/ Brochure
“What Plan Sponsors Should Know About Custom Target Date Funds”

This roundtable discussion from a panel of Retirement Plan Advisors and Experts provides advisors and plan sponsors with practical advice on the use and implementation of semi-custom target date funds.
Plan Sponsor/ Brochure
“Looking Under the Hood: Evaluating TDFs”

This brochure examines the specific DOL requirements and fiduciary considerations that should be evaluated in the selection and monitoring of a TDF with a three-step action plan to help minimize risk of liability. This overview is first in our Plan Sponsor Conversations series featuring Joan Neri, Esq., Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, which focus on enhancing plan advisor and plan sponsor interactions with deep-dive practical resources.
Advisor/ Brochure
“Enhance Your Value Proposition with Semi-custom TDFs”

This brochure explores the trend of custom TDFs in DC Plans, reasons for and benefits of custom strategies, and opportunities to utilize a semi-custom approach to meet plan objectives and enhance the advisor/client relationship.
Advisor/ Brochure
“Consider How Semi-custom TDFs Can Enhance Your Advisory Role”

This companion infographic provides a brief overview of semi-custom TDFs and explores four key advisory roles that enable advisors to demonstrate and differentiate their value to plan sponsors.
Advisor/ Infographic
“5 Steps to Getting Started with Semi-Custom TDFs”

This checklist highlights key steps in the evaluation and implementation of a semi-custom TDF approach within in DC plan.
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“The DC Advisor’s Complete TDF Review Toolkit”

This guide provides a comprehensive advisor blueprint for TDF reviews with a checklist and discussion points to facilitate meaningful interaction with plan fiduciaries.
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“Considering the Value of Custom Models”

Many plan sponsors offer target date funds in their plan menu, but for greater flexibility and control they may want to consider using custom target date funds (TDFs) instead. This brochure takes a look at the growing trends and how custom models may be a better fit for retirement plans.
Advisor/ Brochure
“Fiduciary Considerations Using Custom Models in DC Plans”

As adoption of target date funds increases, DC plan sponsors should be aware of the fiduciary concerns and best practices associated with implementing them in their plan. This white paper addresses the requirements for ERISA fiduciaries to evaluate and monitor TDFs and asks fiduciaries to consider whether custom TDFs might be a more appropriate choice to meet plan specific needs
Plan Sponsor/ Brochure

1 “2018 Defined Contribution Trends,” Callan Investments Institute, 2018.

2 “PIMCO's 12th Annual DC Consulting Support and Trends Survey,” 2018.