While online tax and retirement planning advice has grown in popularity, research1 shows that investors place high value on personal advice from a financial advisor who is familiar with their individual circumstances and understands their financial goals. No online tool to date is able to recognize a worried look, ask questions, offer encouragement and develop customized strategies to help investors prepare for retirement. As your clients’ trusted advisor, you are in a unique position to help them overcome the emotions that may get in the way of maintaining the long-term perspective required to seek to pursue their retirement goals.

Emotional Roadblocks

During times of market uncertainty, clients’ emotions can run especially high. Their investment judgment may be clouded, they may lose sight of their long-range plans and goals and, may be reluctant to make an IRA contribution. It’s times like these when your people skills are especially important.

OppenheimerFunds’ Compelling Wealth Management Conversations program is designed to help you address the emotional side of investing. Our program provides philosophical and historical context and perspective to help you keep your clients “buckled in” and on course for the long term. Our customizable presentation may be tailored to your client conversations.

An IRA for Anyone

Regardless of where your clients are on their journey, one thing is certain: contributing to a Traditional and/or Roth IRA can be a key component to a sound financial plan for retirement. IRAs are an attractive vehicle for:

  • Anyone with earned income;
  • Clients who want to take advantage of the tax benefits a Traditional or Roth IRA can offer;
  • Clients and/or their non-working spouses who wish to save for retirement but do not have access to an employer-sponsored plan; and
  • Clients who want to save even more for retirement, over and above what their employer-sponsored plan may offer.

Next Steps

For more information about an OppenheimerFunds IRA, please call our IRA Resource Center at 800 783-7783 for support.

1 ~Source: ThinkAdvisor, February 16, 2016. “Advisors, Investors Still Hesitant on Robo-Advice,” Polls show. http://www.thinkadvisor.com/2016/02/16/advisors-investors-still-hesitant-on-robo-advice-p.

2Residents of Massachusetts and Maine have until Tuesday, April 19, 2016.