The “Ideal Client” strategy is a conversation to have during your annual review or over lunch with clients you wish to replicate. The goal is to change the focus from “Help me, help me” to “Help me, help you.”

The key to this referral request is that it only works for those clients that you wish to clone. If this is not true, it will be blatantly disingenuous and therefore fail miserably. However, for the right client, whose relationship with you truly transcends a purely business relationship, this can work beautifully for the following reasons:

  • It’s genuinely flattering
  • It engages one of the most powerful human instincts, enlightened self-interest. “It is in my interest to keep you off the streets and in front of my portfolio”
  • The request is specific (when you look at them…) rather than general (who do you know…), which of course brings specific and prequalified people to mind

Please review the Compelling Conversations Guidebook, and explore the additional content and resources in this series.