The rapid rise of healthcare costs requires investors to rethink how they approach saving for retirement.

Many investors can expect a portion of their retirement savings to be diverted to pay for healthcare costs. With a health savings account (HSA) in place, individuals who also have a high deductible health insurance plan can make tax-deferred contributions to their retirement savings plan and make tax-free withdrawals for qualified current and future medical expenses.

HSAs must be are paired with High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) to offer multiple benefits, including:

Tax efficiency: HSAs offer a triple tax advantage allowing pre-tax contributions, tax-free growth of funds, and tax-free fund withdrawals (regardless of age) for medical expenses.

Significant savings potential: The ability to accommodate investment options in addition to cash—and the absence of a “use-or-lose” clause—can result in significant savings accumulation over time.

Flexibility: Account owners are empowered to determine how their HSA funds are used for future retirement expenses. HSA funds can also be used to pay for Medicare premiums and other medical expenses not typically covered by Medicare, such as eye glasses, hearing aids and dental care.

Full portability: HSA account holders own their accounts outright and can elect to roll them over to other HSA custodians, with certain restrictions.

No income limits on eligibility: Any individual who meets HSA qualifications can open an account—regardless of income. Individuals must participate in a qualifying High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) in order to open an HSA account.

A retirement healthcare benefit: As life expectancy increases, so will potential medical costs during retirement, which HSAs can help cover. As a savings vehicle for retirement healthcare, HSAs can help reduce the erosion of retirement income and promote financial wellness.

The “shoebox” benefit: With HSAs, you can incur a medical expense today, pay for it out-of-pocket and put the receipt in the proverbial “shoebox.” Account owners can let their HSA dollars continue to grow and then reimburse themselves in the future. The shoebox benefit offers a lot of flexibility with respect to how HSA funds can be used.

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