Almost four years ago, Portfolio Manager Heidi Heikenfeld set out to create a new emerging market (EM) equity fund. But with nearly 300 EM equity funds already on the market, one of the biggest challenges for Heidi was creating something that could stand out from the pack while delivering the sustainable long-term growth investors crave.

In designing the new fund, Heidi was able to build on the success of the firm’s existing EM franchise. While many investors at the time were still underestimating EMs as simply commodity-driven and filled with basic manufacturing businesses, Heidi and the OppenheimerFunds team recognized emerging markets as home to some of the world’s most innovative companies, which were experiencing exponential growth while benefitting their local populations.

Today Heidi is Portfolio Manager of Oppenheimer Emerging Markets Innovators Fund, one of the fastest-growing equity funds in its category. She looks to identify and invest in small- and mid-cap emerging market companies that have the potential for transformational growth.

Heidi recently spoke at the Forbes Under 30 Summit, which brings together some of the brightest young entrepreneurs, business leaders and pop culture stars.  In this short video clip, she discusses her approach to creating a standout product.