Global Equity Fund Takes a Patient Approach
In a recent interview with Ticker, Oppenheimer Global Fund Co-Portfolio Manager John Delano talked about how he seeks out the best companies in the world when they become available at an attractive price.

In the Q&A he also discussed, the fund’s:

  1. Portfolio construction process: The fund typically owns 70 to 80 names, which he believes are the best companies in the global market. He looks for companies that are benefitting from long-term structural growth themes, such as mass affluence or new technologies.
  2. Currency exposure: The fund does not hedge currency exposure. The fund generally invests in companies with global operations, who have exposure to a variety of currencies, and that exposure is assessed in the evaluation of each company.
  3. Risk management: He manages risk in part by focusing on quality companies that have strong balance sheets, strong operations and good management teams.

Read the full interview here.