Looking at you and your prospective partners’ talents and skills, ask yourself do they:

  • Dramatically expand your product and service capabilities?
  • Insulate your clientele from competitive pressures from the banking, brokerage, insurance and online competitors?
  • Allow you and your partners to spend 60%-70% of your day doing those things for which you have extraordinary talent, skills and passions?
  • Firewall your rainmakers to get out into the community, work more closely with their top clientele and enjoy working with the appropriate boards and service organizations, which helps them drive the top line growth of your practice.

And finally, will this prospective partnership and its comprehensive expertise, provide the work/life balance that allows you to build a meaningful and sustainable long-term career?

The Constructing a Synergistic Team Toolkit provides you access to questions that designed to help you identify philosophical congruence and tactical complements.

Access the Toolkit, interactive tools and multimedia library of resources by downloading the CEO Advisor Institute App for iPad.