For OppenheimerFunds, Financial Literacy Month and Take Your Child to Work Day provided opportunities to highlight mathematical literacy as a core component of helping students learn early about taking an informed, active role in their financial lives. We hosted or participated in several activities for students, including:

  • On Take Your Child to Work Day, Portfolio Manager Laton Spahr led more than 100 students in the Denver office through a discussion about popular stocks and how the market works. Students also found their way through a “math maze” set up by our education partner, the Museum of Mathematics (MoMath). Kate Ives, Director of Internal Audit, offered a Junior Achievement class entertaining lessons about the economics of a hot-dog stand.
  • That same day in New York, more than 50 students participated in a hands-on lesson led by Tim Nissen, MoMath’s Chief Engineer. They also learned about the work of their parents and the role they play in the financial industry.
  • OppenheimerFunds also sponsored the recent MoMath 2015 Tournament of Champions in New York, where 11 teams from the New York City area competed to solve a number of mathematical challenges. Art Steinmetz was on hand to congratulate the students and kick off a reception.
  • Ken Brodsky, Account Manager for Retail Strategic Accounts, leveraged his expertise by teaching a financial literacy class for teens in Newark, N.J. The program was hosted by Cents Ability, an organization that educates and empowers students to achieve their goals through the informed management of their financial resources.

Throughout the year, OppenheimerFunds staff also support educational programs with their charitable donations, which are matched by the firm. Last year, 35 percent of these contributions supported education.

There’s more coming up: Sponsor a Class days, in which employee volunteers lead lessons for at-risk students, will be held in New York and Denver in the coming months – stay tuned for more news.